We are an international corporate travel management agency

Established in 1992, WD World Travel has become a leader in customer satisfaction in the corporate travel arena.

Companies of all sizes trust WD Travel to provide them with full service travel management solutions that save them time, stress and money. We tailor our simplified and convenient online booking tools to your company’s in-house corporate travel policies. Travel managers gain control over their expenses while employees get the benefit of better choices, bigger discounts and digital booking tools that are easy and intuitive. And a certified WD Travel management professional is available at all points to provide information, advice, support and the service you need to make your trip a success on every level.

Over 20 years of experience

With over 20 years of experience providing superior customer service to corporate clients, WD Travel has demonstrated both on-line and real-world travel planning experience. Whether you’re dealing with strict budgets, missed flights or a VIP that wants an exclusive dinner reservation, WD’s experience definitely matters. All our agents are professional, friendly and equipped to handle any request or emergency. When dealing with something as complex as corporate travel management, you certainly want to know and trust your agent.

We’re not a call centre

Given how essential corporate travel is to the success of every company we deal with, WD builds strong and loyal partnerships. We listen to our clients needs, prioritize goals and maximize every budget, itinerary and travel experience so that every corporate trip is as hassle-free, cost-effective and successful as we can make it. And if you have a problem – no matter when or where – a dedicated WD professional will work to get you a speedy answer and custom solution. For all the technology we put at your disposal, it’s still one-on-one customer relationships that make the key difference in customer satisfaction.

Balancing digital with personal

We don’t just want to take you on as a client — we want to form a true partnership with our customers because we understand the technology only plays a part of the equation in today’s complex corporate world. Success requires a connection at the personal level. A WD Travel management professional can customize and optimize your corporate travel policies so that your company gains the maximum ROI for your travel spend. Get more control and cost-saving by working closely with one of our friendly advisors. At WD Travel, we are dedicated to making every corporate trip another corporate success.

We look forward to working with you.

Head Office: Vancouver, Canada

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/kqNBw

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