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We are committed to establishing quality of service, lasting relationships with our customers and above all travel cost savings.

Corporate Travel

Employees book their own travel arrangements using a secure corporate policy booking tool that control corporate travel costs enforcing restrictions and guidelines, while allowing employees to find lower airfares by using travel agency reservation systems and web search engines. Our online booking tools allow businesses to enforce the company travel policy while still taking into account individual employee preferences.

Corporate travel booking made easy

Simplify booking while reducing costs with on-demand travel management Read More

Benefit from our Experts in Corporate Travel Management

WD World Travel knows the pressure all companies face due to the cost of corporate travel. Our certified travel management professionals work closely with all our clients to ensure that every trip, flight, car rental or complete package of services meets their budget objectives and company goals. We scour suppliers throughout the travel industry to find cost savings, discounts, complimentary upgrades and free rewards and more efficient ways to maximize every travel dollar. Read More

Corporate Incentive Travel Programs

When implemented properly, incentive travel programs can provide companies with inspiring ways to boost employee morale, spur sales goals, build rapport with clients and encourage individual excellence. WD Travel works with our corporate clients to craft and manage a range of incentive travel programs that will motivate their employees while meeting their budget constraints. Read More

Group Event Travel Management Experts

WD Travel is a specialist in coordinating travel itineraries and event attendance for corporate teams of all sizes. Getting groups of people from one place to another can be a logistical nightmare but WD Travel works closely with all stakeholders to find simple, convenient and cost-effective solutions to every group travel challenge. By providing clear and coordinated travel itineraries and group bookings, WD Travel is able to help our clients control, manage and lower their travel costs. Read More

Corporate Luxury Travel Services

WD Travel has been providing elite business travellers with the choices, solutions and superior service they expect. At WD, we ensure that the travel arrangements for our professional business clients meet their high expectations and demanding schedules while also finding ways to make their trips more relaxing and rewarding. Let one of our long-term travel consultants get you and your key executives access, upgrades, reservations, discounts and privileges that others often miss. Read More

Corporate policies compliance management

Travel options that comply with corporate policies, a clear, intuitive and customizable user interface that allows tracking of travel and expenses, manage profiles, set up meetings and events; receive real-time flight statistics and so much more. Read More

Online Travel Itinerary

View the complete travel itinerary for business trips on smartphones and mobile devices at no extra cost. Read More

Personal Travel

WD World Travel is commited to establishing a long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding all expectations with our quality service, experience and value. We are committed to delivering what we provide-and to only promise what we can deliver.

Personalized Leisure Travel Services for Employees

Not only is WD World Travel Travel a trusted supplier for all your business travel needs, we also feature the ability to work with our corporate clients to book their employees leisure travel. In cooperation with the personal travel planning services of our partners at Canada Travels, we can offer comprehensive solutions for individuals and families seeking escape and adventure anywhere in the world. Read More

Travel Tools & technology

We enable a ‘work smart’ environment by using state-of-the-art systems and processes. Read More

Rates & Fares

WD World TRavel is committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective service Read More

Specialized services at no extra cost

WD World Travel provides these specialized services to our customers as a courtesy and at no extra cost. Read More
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